Values & Visions

So there is no doubt, we will nail our flag to the mast from the outset:
  • Fraud and commercial bribery are just two evils that companies face among a range of other problems: the most important of which is survival. Sure, corporate skullduggery is a serious problem for everyone, but it must be viewed in context. Political, academic, legal and other misbehavior is as bad if not worse.
  • We do not subscribe to the view that entire countries are more or less corrupt than others, but rather that problems appear in specific and usually predictable contexts, everywhere.
  • There is a good case for arguing that fraud and corruption in the UK, USA and other developed countries - whose politicians bombast "about leading the way"- are far worse than in other parts of the world. We should pay far more attention to problems that are right under our noses.
  • Politicians and regulators do not run businesses. Cobasco’s services are for managers who do and who must make decisions in real time, assured that they cannot be misinterpreted, possibly years later, through prosecutorial discretion;
At the heart of our services are campaigns of "Inspired Integrity" which encourage entrepreneurial performance; maintain fail safe processes for making and defending good decisions and to empower managers. Decision integrity is a key (Please see the side bar "Decision Centricity)

With Cobasco the interests of Clients always prevail. We do not believe that regulators and prosecutors invariably know best. Please see the “First Rule of Holes" which says that when you are in one: stop digging. We believe that regulation in its present form - based primarily in a legal frame, supported by box ticking bureaucracy - will continue to be ineffective. It will also continue to stifle British businesses.
We adhere to a Code of Conduct and specified operational procedures and guarantee that we will:
  • Maintain the highest professional and performance standards;
  • Always comply with the law and our Clients’ ethical standards;
  • Always work with energy, commitment and flair;
  • Never accept assignments which are beyond our specialist skills or which could conflict with a Client’s interests. For this reason, we do not work for governmental, regulatory  or prosecutorial agencies;
  • Mentor internal teams, willingly transferring our knowledge and providing additional resources when needed;
  • Treat all information passed to us in confidence: we will not reveal that we are working with or have worked for a Client without their written authority;
  • Report and account honestly for our work: if we cannot achieve a Client’s objectives we will say so;
  • Do not give or receive referral fees, nor do we have reciprocation arrangements with other organisations; we do not recruit directly from any governmental or regulatory agency;

Finally, under our standard terms and conditions of business, Clients may cancel an assignment on immediate notice and without penalty.  This has never happened.

If you would like to read our full statement, please click here.

Inspired trust…

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