Cobasco stays ahead of the market and invests heavily in research. All programmes are regularly

Master Classes

Master Classes are intensive 1 to 10 day sessions that are:
  • Interactive, built around case studies and syndicate exercises;
  • Tailored for the organisation concerned;
  • May be supplemented with “in company” and local speakers;
  • Can be adapted to “train the trainers”
The most popular programmes are:

 Duration              Coverage                 Comment
Corporate Fraud 1 to 10 All aspects of fraud prevention, detection
and investigation.
These programmes have been run
throughout the world for over 30
years and are updated every 12
Fraud in Purchasing and
1 to 3 A detailed subset of the above, focusing on
purchasing and procurement
Fraud in Marketing 1 to 3 A detailed subset of the above, focusing on
marketing, advertising, sales and
Includes detailed plans for auditing
and controlling marketing
expenditure and bribe payment
Critical Point Auditing:
Fraud and Bribery
1 to 5 Focuses on automated and other methods
of fraud detection
Advanced techniques from EXCEL to
IDEA and neural networks
Finding the Truth
Interviewing and
Forensic Linguistics
1 to 3 Preventing and detecting deception in
business. Interviews and interrogation
Explains how and why deception
occurs and how it can be prevented
and exposed
Corruption of Bribery 2 A new programme based on Mike Comer’s
new book and explaining how uncertainties
in the UKBA and FCPA can be managed
For a copy of the programme and workbook please email Cobasco@btinternet.com
Table 1: Master Class Topics

Public Master Classes are planned for 2013 and 2014 in the UK, Europe and the USA. However, because of their sensitive content they are best held in company for between 10 and 50 participants.

Top Management Briefings

Cobasco’s speakers have the experience and knowledge to convince even the most obdurate participants of the benefits of integrity and effective control. Following a one day session for a leading international company in June 2012, the Head of Internal Audit wrote:

“It was a pleasure to know you. I could appreciate that all the experience that you describe in your CV and work is VERY REAL: AMAZING and you are a very competent professional. I very much like people like you, who are unique diamonds in the world”
Cobasco is willing to work – free of charge - with organisations and their professional advisers to deliver 60-90 minute breakfast, lunchtime or evening clinics on any of the topics discussed in this website. If you would like to learn more please contact us

Training on the Bribery Act and Integrity

The UK Bribery Act and the Guide for Commercial Organisations emphasise the need for training but most publicly available programmes are framed entirely in a legal context with 90% of the speakers from law firms or regulatory agencies. With the greatest of respect, few are control specialists. Cobasco’s training is comprehensive and designed for operational employees to prevent incoming, internal and outgoing bribery.
Figure 1: Training Orientation
    Cobasco’s sessions cover the law but are essentially operational

Cobasco provides operational training for people at the front line, who confront bribery and fraud on a daily basis. The following in company programmes are available:

Duration Coverage
Verbal Judo & Tongue Fu 2 hours-2
Aimed at sales and procurement front line employees and
agents and showing how bribery can be resisted while still
achieving commercial objectives
Compliance Interviews 1 day For Compliance and Internal Audit specialists, setting out a
manifesto for validating integrity programmes through
effective interviewing rather than paper chasing. Also
explains how integrity programmes can be promoted
Decision Making 1 day For all decision makers. Covers the psychology of decision
making – by individuals and committees and methods for
validating those already made
Incident Reporting 1 day Shows why whistle blowing lines usually fail and how to
make incident reporting truly effective
Competitive Corruption 1 day Analyses the problems of competitive corruption and how it
can be dealt with and level playing fields maintained. Aimed
primarily at board members and senior marketers
Risk Evaluating Bribery and Corruption 2 days Covers a detailed methodology for evaluating bribery and
other covert risks.
Critical Point Auditing and Continuous
1-4 days Explains Cobasco’s CPA approach in detail including many
tests from the Unicorn data base
Optimising & Benchmarking Codes of
1 day Introduces the analysis methodology based on Concordance
and described earlier. Participants are encouraged to bring
their codes of conduct for analysis and benchmarking
Briefing for Executive Assistants, PAs
and Back Office Teams
1 day One of the most successful orientation changing
programmes ever!!
Table 2: Operational Training for Front Line Operators

You would like more information on any of our training programmes or have one specially written or adapted, please email cobasco@btinternet.com.

Forthcoming Events
Cobasco has a number of in-company events planned for 2012 t0 2014. It is currently negotiating global representation with a leading conference organiser for a world tour in 2014. Details will be posted on this site.


Delegates have said:

“ Mike Comer is fraud’s answer to Peter Drucker and Tom Peters rolled into one...absolutely brilliant...every top and aspiring senior executive should listen to what he has to say... "
-Cable and Wireless

“If I had attended Mike Comer’s programme six years ago, I would have saved my company £25 million and a great deal of anguish. I would also have kept my job.“
-Finance Director who wished to remain anonymous!

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