Job Opportunities

Our objective is to remain small and exclusive but we recognise that we need:
  • To develop succession plans;
  • Additional technical support;
  • Further representation, especially in Continental Europe,  Italy, Germany and the Gulf States.

By 2105 we plan to have appointed:

A Managing Director (Designate): VACANCY HAS NOW BEEN FILLED

To work with and then take over management of the group. The successful candidate will have an impeccable track record in law enforcement or litigation, followed by commercial experience. He or she must be:
  • Honest, hard-working, flexible and an innovative self-starter
  • Prepared to work on international assignments with the minimum of supervision
Salary and terms and conditions of employment (including shares and options after a probationary period) are negotiable, commensurate with the seniority of the position and are unlikely to be a barrier.

A Technical Director

To develop and help market our fraud detection and forensic linguistic programs. He or she will be:
  • An expert programmer and ideally familiar with IDEA or ACL;
  • An outstanding technical author;
  • Able to develop simulations on Adobe Captivate or similar platforms;
  • An effective marketer.
Salary and terms and conditions of employment are negotiable and will be commensurate with the importance of the position.

A candidate has been selected and will take up his appointment in January 2016.

Overseas Representation

The successful candidates are likely to be running their own consulting practices in sectors related to Cobasco’s core business.

Apprentices and Interns

We are willing to consider applications from humans – of any age – who would genuinely like to start a career in a fascinating profession. are interested in any of the above opportunities, please email your
     biography to
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