Free Clinics

We recognise that we can only compete successfully against the big law, accounting and consulting firms by convincing potential Clients that:

  • We have unequalled expertise;

  • We are honest, reliable and safe hands;

  • Personal service and front line experience make the difference;

  • We consistently produce results that exceed our Client’s expectations at costs below our competitors';

  • We are totally independent of governmental and regulatory agencies and our Clients’ interests always prevail.

And that we are totally committed to the fight against fraud and corruption, whether for a Client or not.

For these reasons our website goes into detail, far beyond that available from our competitors, and is significantly different from the legalistic and “box ticking”  frames in which compliance is normally presented.  

Our approach is based on Inspiring Integrity, asserting the right to manage and on effective managerial controls.  These are never a brake on entrepreneurship but are the essential safety equipment that permits companies to go faster and further along roads too perilous for others to travel.

In short, Inspired Integrity is a positive differentiator – founded on principles - that creates opportunities, safely;  while surpassing rules based compliance standards.


    Sign Reads
     Average Speed
  Range Min-Maximum
  40 mph    44 miles per hour    37- 50 (Variation = 13)
  40mph and speed camera    39 miles per hour    36 -47 (Variation = 11)         
  Children Drive carefully    35 miles per hour    34- 40  (Variation = 6)

So what does this tell us about principles and the importance of monitoring controls?

We are willing to demonstrate our competence in free of charge, without obligation clinics for potential Clients or their professional associations and advisers.

Our existing 45 to 90 minute clinics include:
  1. Developing an Inspired Integrity Campaign;
  2. Using Forensic Linguistics and Psychological Profiling  to Assess the Tone from the Top;
  3. Preparing a Regulatory Corpus from Disparate Silos;
  4. Evaluating Codes of Conduct Using Concordance and Forensic Linguistics;
  5. Decision Integrity Using the Revised Kepner Tregoe Model;
  6. Corporate Fraud, Bribery and Corruption Risk Evaluation;
  7. Job Sensitivity Analysis;
  8. Managing Complex Investigations;
  9. Conducting Effective Compliance Interviews;
  10. Corporate Verbal Judo and Tongue Fu for the Front Line;
  11. Interviewing Fraud Suspects and Witnesses
  12. Optimising Incident Reporting Programmes and Human Intelligence;
  13. Using Automated Techniques to Detect Fraud and Corruption;
  14. Dealing with Competitive Corruption.

You would like further information, please email or register on our website.

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