Bribery & Corruption

Tim Stephens and Mike Comer spent eighteen months researching and writing Bribery and Corruption while working on parallel assignments for Clients. The book is intended as a guide for companies that are prepared to assert the right to manage, based on Inspired Integrity.

Royalties from the book are dedicated to Save the Children Fund in memory of Timothy E Stephens.

You would like copy of the brochure on the recent workshop we ran for IIR-Informa on the UK Bribery Act and Foreign Corrupt Practices Act please click on the three men:  


You would like to read an advance copy of the amazingly insightful foreword to the new Comer-Stephens book on corruption, written by the Honourable Kenneth Mutt, KC (a dog- no less), please click on the man with his head on fire.

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