Cobasco Group Limited is:
  • A deliberately small, elite consultancy that works with Clients, to prevent, detect, investigate and recuperate from fraud and corruption;
  • Totally independent of other companies, organisations, government departments and regulatory agencies;
  • Acknowledged – even by its competitors - as among the most effective fraud and corruption investigators in the world;
  • Experts at detecting fraud and corruption.  Our proprietary software is credited with uncovering losses of over £300 million, mainly in cases where there had been no prior suspicion;
  • Proficient in creating integrity campaigns and control programmes based on “inspired integrity”.  These optimise performance while easily surpassing compliance standards;
  • Committed to sharing our knowledge – willingly - and mentoring our Clients’ employees and their other advisers.

Carbon Intelligence is a specialist division– operating world-wide - dedicated to preventing, detecting and investigating fraud and other security abuses in the "Carbon World": starting with the validity of the initiating science, to offset projects, through to carbon trading, exchanges, accounting, finance and protection of an estimated $155 billion investment in new technologies.

You currently have a fraud, corruption, integrity or control problem and are not totally satisfied with the progress being made, please call us. We will give our opinion in confidence, free of charge and without obligation.

When facts truly matter…..

Cobasco is retainedby Clients who seek real solutions to fraud, corruption, compliance problems or to optimise controls, often when our competitors have failed to deliver.

“I have long respected Mike Comer as probably the greatest fraud investigator in the world”.

Jules B Kroll- Founder of Kroll Associates and Kroll Bond Ratings. Mr Kroll has been universally acknowledged as “Wall Street’s Private Eye” and the founder of the modern investigations industry.

[Comer’s book- “Investigating Corporate Fraud”] is a must for corporate investigators, no matter what their experience. For my team it is their professional bible

John Purnell GM, QPM, ex-Group Security Director, Tesco plc.

“A source who is familiar with Comer’s work said: “……work is done very quickly, effectively and behind-the-scenes. They’re changing the whole process of investigation and that’s why they’re so attractive. They get the evidence so quickly that the other side can do nothing but negotiate their way out of it. These guys have very advanced techniques where almost nothing can be hidden, wiped or destroyed”

The UK journal “The Lawyer”

Wolff Ardis an internationally known American law firm, with over thirty-seven years’ experience prosecuting complex fraud cases and says: "Mike Comer is a vital resource and the only fraud investigator included on our team of professionals.  He is one of the “damned few” you can trust with the reputation to prove it."

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