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Who is an internationally recognised business leader......

"Dear Mike,

Forget all the fictional heroes that fill my "penny dreadful" shelves - you are the Private Investigator that is my hero in real life.  It has really been an enormous pleasure and object lesson in all the arts of which you are master to see how you landed this unattractive fish!

I am slack-jawed with admiration and appreciation, and overwhelmed with gratitude for bringing this case to such a satisfactory conclusion!

Thank you.

Yours ever



A warm welcome from the team at Cobasco Group Limited. We believe we should help in the fight against fraud and corruption, whether for a Client or not. For that reason this website goes into detail far beyond that of our competitors and gives a different perspective from the timorously legalistic frame in which compliance is normally presented.

Thinking afresh….

Effective control – based on “Inspiring Integrity” – builds on legal foundations by adding energy and muscle to optimise performance; to empower managers to take decisions in real time; to create happy1 and productive organisations and easily surpass regulatory standards.

Integrity empowers honest managers…

We know that for us to succeed against the large legal, accountancy and consultancy firms2, we must convince potential Clients that:
  • We have unparalleled expertise;
  • We are honest, reliable and safe hands;
  • Personal service makes the difference;
  • We consistently produce results that exceed our Clients' expectations at costs below our competitors;
  • We are totally independent of governmental and regulatory agencies and our Clients’ interests always prevail.
Later in this website we explain our values and visions in detail. We trust other content will convince you of our competence.

Making the difference…

Our site is divided into four parts. The top menu bar - with drop downs - explains who we are, the services we deliver and how we can be contacted 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. If we can help anyone, anytime, in the fight against fraud and corruption: we will.

The four horizontal icons –link to restricted modules- reserved for Clients and registered users. These modules contain sensitive practitioner level advice, check lists, mind maps and lots more.

The third part of our site – accessed through the vertical bar–contains tips and “tricks of the trade”. Some of these are extracts from the restricted modules.

Finally, “All Comer’s Blog” is a regularly updated commentary giving our views on current happenings in the fraud and corruption field.

Cobasco: hot stuff on fraud…

We hope you find our site stimulating and that it will remind you of Cobasco when you need specialist support.
"It certainly makes you stop and think!".



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1 Where have you seen this word ever mentioned in the compliance field? Which regulator ever talks about “green flags”?
2 With revolving doors into and out of governmental and regulatory jobs

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